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It's more work to call sick than just go in sick.

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This is the CTA Logo

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A united effort can bring change.

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A teacher's workday includes long hours after school is out.

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Memo to the principal

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Teachers deserve a contract.

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Teachers have a mountain of paperwork and lest instruction time.

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Rescue people with education.

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NEA RA 2013 Delegates.

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Orange County
Classroom Teachers Association
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CTA Top Topics

>>>>>>Current Points of Interest<<<<<<

|>> See a few pictures from the NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando, July, 2015 |>>Check out the new Survival Guide for Non-Renewal, Layoffs and Retirement. It comes from FEA.  Take the new CTA Workplace Climate Survey  |>>Tentative Timeline Guide Schedule for SAP transfer/reappointment process instructional and classified personnel 2015-2016 school year link. ALSO, Appeals Form for Evaluation Procedural Errors |>> CTA Howard Fenner Scholarships Winners Announced |>> NEW UniServ Employment Opportunities |>> CTA Newsletter |>> FEA Front Line Report in the Member's Only section |>> Find YOUR Legislator |>> Visit our New Board Training Page |>> Important Information about your Observation|>>  The Planning Time Grievance. Read the news... |>> Check out the New AR Tools in the member only section |>>Time Magazine is picking on teachers... read the flyer|>>Share my lesson update .|>> Check out the new forms for observation concerts |>> See our new page, "From FEA" about opting out of mandatory testing >>CTA Teacher Resources |>> Information for active citizens  >>


To all AR's:

CTA negotiated 3 year hold harmless language for OCPS teachers.  VAM scores are expected on Tuesday. This agreement gives all teachers in Orange a 3.49 Effective rating on the Student Growth portion of your 13-14, 14-15, and 15-16 Evaluation.

Unfortunately not all of the facts are being reported. The Union DID NOT reject the “Hold Harmless Model”, but they did however have questions regarding the 30 plus teachers that were excluded from the model. When asked which teachers were identified as those that would be held from the model, as well as how the model would affect teachers that were not reassigned last year due to Instructional Practice scores and still have not found jobs yet, the chief negotiator walked out of the bargaining session. So in essence, “all” does not include “all” and it is important to all of the 13,000 plus teachers that the Union bargains for that we indeed are all included and benefit from the negotiations.  Join CTA now by printing your application and faxing it to 407-290-8799. Send the hard copy by courier after making a copy to the CTA office, so we have a hard copy. Members matter and when you are a member, we all matter. Join us today for a better tomorrow.

Link to the Bargaining Audio...Last 2 minutes before they walked out....

Here is a competition for teachers who would like to tie STEM to community engagement. There are several ways to enter and levels of rewards for teachers and schools. (It is limited to public schools only.) We have had two winners in the state in the last few years.

Please share with your members.

As an active responsible citizen you may not know who your legislators are so here is a link that will get you the information: . Also you may need to update or change your voter registration so here is a link to help with that: And finally you may wish to check voter information with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office:

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From the President

From the desk of CTA President, Diana Moore...

Welcome to our new Uni-Serv Executive Director, Mark Mitchell pictured here with Diana Moore, CTA President.

CTA's Report Card



CTA's report card...Moving Forward in 2015

+Grown our membership by 600 new members
+Bargained an average 6.3% raise for two years
+Locked in Insurance costs for employees and families for 2 years
+Bargained a Hold Harmless agreement for 3 years on VAM scores
+Changed Deliberate Practice through bargaining
+Won a Planning Time class action grievance that took 2 years
+Won two ULP's over decertification and union e-mail rights
+Two members stepped up to run for School Board seats
+One member is now a legislator in Tallahassee-Rep. Placenscia (R)
+As President, I have visited over 85 schools
+CTA reps are being trained and engaging our members to action
+Started a School Board Watch group on 2nd Saturday of each month
+Held Teach In with local legislators about testing and evaluation issues
+Added an App (OrangeCTA) and now communicate  on a regular basis to keep members informed at home e-mails
+Offered Professional Dev. to all teachers to increase scores and save jobs
+Defended countless members on individual violations of their contract

+We have started "Find Your Voice" groups for the many disengaged members who feel bargaining has not met their needs...Social Workers, Vocational Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, ESE teachers,  Science Lab teachers, VPK, ROTC, teachers with the extra hour, out of field, etc.  yet to come: Guidance, Media Specialists, CRT's and Deans, Coaches, Nurses, and anyone willing to come together with issues that need to be solved or bargained

+What comes Next?
Have you put the "U" back in the union? Join us....   Or e-mail us at with ideas

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Orange County Classroom Teachers Association is THE voice for local public education.

We are associated with the Florida Education Association, the National Education Association,

the American Federations of Teachers and the Central Florida Labor Council AFL-CIO.

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